A marketplace for 3d models and 3d components. We are building an NFT marketplace that will use graph Topology to create meta-NFTs, i.e essentially a master/parent NFT that will be at the root of other NFTs. This is the first step to creating a graph topology representation of physical components in the real world. For example our work can be used to create a circular economy for plastic parts or building components.

3d NFT showcase

How it's made

the project uses a range of different technologies, blender for the 3d models, webGL for presenting these in 3d, Skale for the underlying layer and storage, and a basic frontend for the marketplace. We use blender for 3d models, on which runs so that it analyses the 3d model into a topology information. From this we are able to reduce a full 3d model into a simple topology graph and elements that, through can be minted unto NFTs. This allows for the creation of an information infrastructure layer on Skale, where both the topology and the 3d information is stored- The tokenisation process allows then for ownership to of the building information to be passed to a next owner or re used if we are recycling a building.

Technologies used