Atelio is the modern distributed workshop where artists, designers, engineers, and crafts-persons offer products and services in compliance with their respective Swiss industry standards. Leveraging the immutability of the Ethereum Blockchain and the efficiencies of Layer 2, we aim to open up new markets for consumers worldwide who demand the highest quality but may not have a relationship with a producer, and can not verify the authenticity, quality, and reliability of products before entering into a contract. With the ability to validate large amounts of metadata using L2, we can now make it harder than ever to pass-off counterfeit watches, jewellery, artwork, IP, and other unique items as authentic. We implement the fast, cost-effective transactions on L2. Allowing us to securely store reliable data-points from the supply chain like never before. From ideation to product delivery, Atelio can track products and processes in real-time with minimal impact on the cost of production.

Atelio showcase

How it's made

Frontend: Svelte for designing UI. web3 layer : - metamask / onboarding for the login / onbaording of the wallet . - TS + etherjs for connecting the running smart contracts with the frontend forms and UI logic for the workflow management data-storage layer : - IPFS -js and pinata : for pinning the actual model and matadata with the diffrent stages of the product . - arianee.js : node SDK created by arianee platform , Authentic luxury product digital passport attestation service which allows whitelabeling of each of the developed luxury product by keeping the attestation as the metadata during and after the manufacturing process. PS : the product is not being relised for the demo and all the information , like screenshots and the tech stack information are indicative only for the SaaS to be developed post hackathon . i will like to give credits ( for reference information ) to arianee , opensea and zora protocol for giving an better idea of the implementation of diffrent characterstics that are present in the implementation of transparent / tracable supply chain using NFT and certificates to whole marketpalce .

Technologies used