We’re exploring different L2 solutions to make the costs for minting and transferring lower for ERC1155 based contracts for our circular transparency supply chain tracking solution (using ERC1155). We'll focus on ERC1155 standard and will try to showcase the solution using our tokens.

Circularise showcase

How it's made

We have spent the first week of this hackathon looking at different scaling solutions. For supply chain traceability on the Ethereum network a few key considerations need to be made: - How scaleable is it really? Especially on (upfront) costs? - Can we ensure (semi) privacy of transactions? - Can we add any kind of arbitrary data points, and also calculate with these on-chain? Our primary choice ended up being StarkWare, which can check all of the above. However, the current state of StarkEx did not allow for ERC1155 minting. We received a pre-release version from the team on the Friday before the final submission on which we were able to do a part of the intended transactions (off-chain minting) We were unable to get this to a stable implementation, mostly due to time constraints and the limited documentation (which is understandable for a pre-release). Unfortunately the API also did not allow us to replay our work for the demo video. As a backup we also worked on SKALE, which was a lot easier to set up but that does make some trade-offs that might make it unsuitable for our specific use-case. Our demo video showcases this work, but please keep in mind that this was made in the final hours of the hackathon. Since scaling is also very important for our own work, we will continue to engage with the StarkWare team over the coming months to see how we can implement this technology in production.

Technologies used