Utilizing the Zapper and Coingecko API, CoinPort is a responsive dashboard web app built with Flask and JavaScript that will offer a detailed historic look at your cryptocurrency portfolio on the Ethereum network. It will allow users to see their profits and losses over a preset time period, in addition to allowing users to control exactly what tokens/coins they want to see displayed.

CoinPort showcase

How it's made

The Zapper API will be used to keep track of the balances an address has deposited on protocols and pools. The Covalent API is used to access the current balances of tokens and ETH of the user The Etherscan API will be used to get the user's transactions, and it will be used concurrently with the data from Covalent to calculate past balances. The Coingecko API will be used to access the price history of tokens and coins in order to calculate the net worth of the addresses in both the present and the past. Data from the APIs is processed using Python, and it is displayed in graphs on the frontend using ChartJS. Heroku is used to host.

Technologies used