Yield Farming Dashboard that keeps track of: -Initial seed investments -Planting fees (initial transaction) -Current value of my crops -Current yield of my crops -Estimated harvest fees (removal transaction) -Estimated break even given sampled yields -The total profit/loss of each crop given all of the above^

CropTracker showcase

How it's made

I built a React app that lets you enter an Ethereum address and it will generate a dashboard view that lets you view your current yield farms. Tech I used: -NextJS -TypeScript -TailwindCSS Zapper API - I use this to fetch protocol balances to display the initial crops, as well as pull historical transaction data to populate seed info. Yearn API - I use this to determine the APY of farms. This is still a WIP Coingecko API - I use this to determine the historical value of seed transactions. This is still a WIP.

Technologies used