A BRIEF HISTORY iz want to fly to Mars but i heckin scare. What if i goes to Moon?! What if there's no chimkin in Mars? Must be safu. i henlo my boi Vitalk for advice. Hez not giving ETH but said i should mint more doggos. Boopin great idea. i hit up my fren Elon to borrow his Doggo Minter 9000 and asked for all the colors in the rainbow 🌈. i haz all the colors, but one more concern. im a little chonky... need hooman to buy NFT and get my floofy booty goob.

dAppy Doge L2 showcase

How it's made

Polygon - Layer 2 solution for minting 1155 tokens Torus - A crypto wallet that takes advantage of social logins like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit. Unity - A cross-platform game engine This technology is also using a SDK that connects any game engine to any blockchain. This game started on L1 but due to fees will also be on L2.

Technologies used