Tokenomics tool to automate a fair token launch, and a native profit-sharing economy within any(!) protocol.


Customizable template for DeFi protocol’s tokenomics. Select the template that best represents your project / protocol, and in just two steps, you will be able to integrate a universal, sybil-resistant login for your users - and automate an internal, mathematically-fair Tokenomics for your community.

diLaunch showcase

How it's made

diPad uses Chainlink, TheGraph and a Quadratic Distribution model that measures the exact participation that users had with your protocol. SkillWallet IDs are verifiably unique, secure & pseudonymous - with no KYC or personal data required. Design & Automate a fair token launch & distribution to your community, based on each Stakeholder's engagement with your Protocol. With the option to set a Native Profit-sharing model to split revenues with your protocol’s participants (you included).

Technologies used

ChainlinkMatic/PolygonSuperfluidThe Graph