This is an add-on to the airdrop checking functionality of Earnifi to also check your wallet for POAP raffles which you are uniquely eligible for. The way a POAP raffle works is that you must go sign-up manually. In addition to signing up manually, you can only be eligible for a raffle if you have one of their required POAPs. An example is a Bankless raffle for the Bankless podcast where they require you to hold a bankless POAP token.

Earnifi POAP Raffles showcase

How it's made

The codebase was done with TypeScript, Next.js, JavaScript. Next.js makes modular JavaScript projects easy, so adding all this POAP functionality from brand-new code to Earnifi was easy. In addition, there are custom HTTP fetching functions which go to the POAP API for determining which POAPs are required for which raffles.

Technologies used