Ethentity is a dApp that allows users to have their identity and government ID verified by other, previously verified users. It's done in a way that protects the users' personal information by splitting this information into chunks that can individually be verified but are not individually significant.

Ethentity showcase

How it's made

Stack: We're using the following technologies: - Arbitrum for our L2 transactions. - Kleros for the dispute arbitration. - IPFS to securely store encrypted photos. Approach: - A user verifies their identity by taking a photo of them holding their government ID (Passport) on and paying a verification fee. - The user uses the Ethentity app to create three chunks, these are duplicates of the photo above each only showing a part of the passport #. - Verifiers pick an ID chunk to verify. They can't verify more than one chunk of the same ID. - A verifier, who is a verified user, is incentivized by a verification reward. This is the fee that the prover pays divided by the number of chunk verifiers. - A verifier stakes their ETH to be able to verify ID chunks, they can be penalized if their verification was challenged and rejected. - Once all three chunks of a given ID are verified, then that user's ID is considered to be verified.

Technologies used