We know Layer 2 and EVM compatible chains gain more traction but lack a big picture of how the values on Ethereum are flowed to these projects. The assumption is Layer 2 and sidechains will deploy bridge contracts on Ethereum to bring the existing tokens to their project. We can track contracts balances on Ethereum to display the tracked value of each projects. By provide a responsive web interface, the project helps user find out how tokens flow from Ethereum to Layer 2 or side chains and present in a human friendly way. showcase

How it's made

1. Collect Layer 2 / Sidechain bridges contracts 2. Collect TVL and token allocation of production Layer 2 (Loopring, ZkSwap, zkSync...) and Sidechain bridges contracts through covalent API (with Deno script) 3. Get protocol and stake balance by zapper API 4. Auto daily update data via github action 5. Build website (react, hookrouter, tailwind) with leaderboard and the Sankey flow chart for quick glance 6. Build per project page to show bridges and use Treemap diagrams to show its token composition 7. Show ETH or USD based TVL 8. Show emerging Layer 2 projects with the `strict mode`

Technologies used