"I own an NFT (awesome), now what?" Flaunt enables owners of NFTs (or those just interested in remixing existing assets) to create derivative works based on items they already own. These might take the form of a limited edition "remix" series to enable downstream monetization, gifts to friends or family, licenses for reuse (enabling a royalty stream), or simply to have it go down in the annals meme history. It makes the entire workflow simple (#nocode) as it can be by handling the loading of an existing asset, the subsequent meme-ification, metadata generation and asset saving to IPFS (with optional Filecoin / Pinata pinning), and minting to an L2 (current support for both SKALE and Arbitrum). The Arbitrum integration also uses Torus for users that currently don't have an existing wallet. Once "bridged" back to L1, these assets can then be sold via a marketplace, shared with a friend, or simply go into the annals meme history. "I own an NFT (awesome), now what?"..."You flaunt it"

Flaunt showcase

How it's made

Both Arbitrum and SKALE in terms of L2s. IPFS / Filecoin (flavored Ganache). for auth and Arbitrum integration. Plus these :) - [ethers]( - [ipfs-mini]( - [react-sketch]( - [react-router]( - [react-svg]( - [react-bulma-components]( - [openzeppelin-contracts](

Technologies used