To Complete a MVP of a W3C DID compliant Identification System To Implement a IPDID Node CLI (inspired by IPFS) To Provide both iOS and Android Demo Apps for a DID Wallet To Demo a Verifiable Credential (VC) Issuer with QR codes To Deploy Our Smart Contract to SKALE network To Register DID Document on IPFS (block) To Provide a RESTful API server for DID resolvers To Have Our IPDID Method Driver on the DIF Universal Resolver

IPDID - Speed Up DID Resolution  showcase

How it's made

1. DID Wallet (using Expo React Native developing system to support both iOS and Android app.) 2. IPDID cli which is developed with node.js and libp2p, IPFS, IPLD, CID. 3. Smart Contract running on SKALE network with hardhat. 4. DIF Universal Resolver Driver. (deploy with docker) 5. RESTful API server for DID resolving. We also learn a lot from using js-ipfs, IPFS block, CID, and using SKALE network Smart Contract develop environment during this period of time.

Technologies used