This project provide the platform where user can buy and sell bonds. we use onchain orderbook to execute the trade like OasisDex . it implements a sorted order book by providing additional sorting structure. price of particular offer is stored in the list, these prices are ranked according to price offered. when buyer buy the bond at certain price, if this price is matched with list then trade get executed . After buying of bond user is directed toward indenture page, here user is required to submit their signature to download indenture document which provide the details like coupon rate, principal amount , maturity etc. user have a option to upload these document on IPFS, for storing document we have use ipfs_http_client package

mBondX showcase

How it's made

This project is deployed on the polygon testnet for the faster transaction since we are using onchain orderbook and uses ipfs to store the indenture details. currently there is no decentralized platform which provides the sale of bonds , we are happy that we are making first step toward decentralized bond market

Technologies used