The meta manager is a decentralized one-stop-shop data manager for meta creators to easily manage their NFT’s metadata and transaction data all in one place. The meta manager has below highlighted features: * Decentralized Identifier (DID) based NFT metadata, which means it’s truly blockchain networks agnostic. * The data stores on IPFS nodes, which means everyone can access that data anywhere, anytime, and forever. * The creator can login to the DAPP by using Torus’s open login feature and using its private and public keys to encrypt or decrypt certain sensitive data for each NFT’s metadata. * The meta creators can create and deploy the NFT smart contracts onto any blockchain network they would like.

Nama Finance showcase

How it's made

This project uses the IPFS, Orbitdb, Torus, and DID behind the scenes to connect to multi-chain and store NFT metadata into IPFS. We used React to design the frontend, Torus to multi-chain login, and encrypt and decrypt sensitive data, IPFS as the storage to store the metadata, DID for each NFT's identifier.

Technologies used