NFT Haus aims to make it easier for non-developers, artists and creatives to deploy their own projects on both the Ethereum mainnet and the L2 chains. We have built a POC on the mainnet, as well as Matic / Polygon. Both ERC 721 and ERC 1155 can be deployed and interacted with (see demo site). Due to restrictions on access to ImmutableX, we have not built for it yet. Our ultimate goal is to build for more L2 chains.

NFT Haus showcase

How it's made

The front end was done using react. The backend is node.js. We used standard ERC 721 and 1155 contracts for deployment to mainnet and also Matic. Some functionalities have been disabled because we either did not get access on time (ImmutableX), or that we are not certain of the implementation / legal issues (for example, our own version of the contract that others can use).

Technologies used