The NGOs that are looking for fundraising can list themselves by mentioning the organization name, objective and goals, and the funds required. The users on the Polygon network can view all the available organizations and contribute any amount of funds according to their preference. The organization is marked as fully funded when it reaches its funding target. The users can compare different organizations according to their objectives and make the contribution through their Metamask wallet. The organization receives the funds directly with an almost negligible transaction fee for the end-user on the Polygon network. The users can share the website link with other users after completing the funding.

NGO Fundraiser showcase

How it's made

The front end is built using VueJS and NuxtJS. The smart contract is deployed on Matic Mumbai Testnet. All the details are presented on homepage. Organizations can list themselves using the popup. The smart contract stores organization and funding mappings. It has the functions listOrganization, fundOrganization and _createFunding.

Technologies used