Using Arbitrum to scale TPS of a decentralized food review platform which solves the problem restauranteurs currently have with having to pay higher-and-higher fees in order to rank better with Yelp. There have even been stories of Yelp de-ranking businesses when they don't pay the Yelp fees. Reviews as a whole need to be done better, and this project is hopefully a starting point for that.

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How it's made

Solidity, web3.js, then Arbitrum channels for scaling. The Solidity code is for the backend operations which are being done on Ethereum, then along with web3.js to put together a client-side application to take user inputs. Overall, there hasn't been a whole lot done with Arbitrum, but I like their platform and easy-to-use ecosystem. I'm convinced the concept behind the project has long-term value, but was held back by final exams/grad school/incorporating for a startup this period of time.

Technologies used