This project is a port of the Raiden protocol contracts to the Optimism Ethereum Kovan network, hence the name 'Optimistic Raiden'. By leveraging optimistic rollups, the Raiden protocol will be able to take advantage of reduced transaction fees, allowing users to open or close channels without having to pay the high gas fees associated with such actions on the Ethereum mainnet. TLDR; "Scaling Ethereum by scaling a scaling solution by using a scaling solution"

Optimistic Raiden showcase

How it's made

The project is made by using Optimistic Ethereum and Raiden. To port the Raiden protocol to Optimism, the contracts needed to be compiled to the OVM standards by using the hardhat plugin for the OVM, additionally, things like gasPrice and gasLimit must be taken into consideration in order to successfully compile the contracts. Additionally, the deployment scripts had to be written in JavaScript using hardhat in order to get the OVM compiled Raiden contracts deployed, due to the deployment scripts for the Raiden contracts being written in Python.

Technologies used