Note: I didn't get time to work on Scaling Ethereum. This project was an old hackathon submission. Will try harder next time. Convert 2D images into a 3D model by running Micmac photogrammetry workloads on Golem's decentralized cloud. Features: - Run Micmac builds online any local setup. - Fully programmable. Look here for the entire list of commands. - Run intense workloads on Golem cloud, without consuming local resources. - Build results notified on email.

Photogrammetry (3D scanning) on Golem showcase

How it's made

1. HTML, vanilla JS frontend: To upload images and provide shell script 2. Express.js server: Hosts the frontend. It creates a batch job on Golem when the form is submitted. 3. Golem batch job: processes the images and generates a 3D model based on the shell script 4. Sendgrid email: The processed file is emailed to the user