Pixfarmon is a casual game that allows players to farm and keep pets on an skyisland. Players aim for higher fruit and pet attributes. The game includes hybrid crops, breeding of pets, pet house guards, fight with each other and stealing crops from friends. More dream fruit waiting for players to unlock. But we don' t have enough time to compelet our project. So we focused on the farm part.

Pixfarmon showcase

How it's made

We made our project with Solidity and Vue front side, and chose to deploy our project on SKALE network. We put our SKALE-sdk on a ec2 server of AWS. At the front end, we choose to use Vue to build the main page, Web3 to interact with the smart contract, and metamask to log in. During this activity, we realised that we can deploy the contract only if it is under 20k. We had to decrease the size of every contract and finally secceed.

Technologies used