Polygon Galaxy

It is a dashboard of polygon network with in-depth. meaningful & clearly understandable details & statistics about the popular projects on polygon.


with the growth of DeFi, NFT, Gaming, DAO, developer utility & tooling, L2 native, cross-chain dapps, there is a real need and demand for aggregating data about all popular apps, their specific stats in a human-understandable manner, past performance, transaction metrics, no. of users, dapp specific data, etc. So, we are building "polygon galaxy", shipping dapps data in the most precise and understandable format right from the blocks and transaction from the polygon (plus ethereum bridge) with the help of Graph, Covalent, Zapper, and some custom in-house solution which provide clear insight & valuable information to end-users. Rather than relying on rumours, speculations and shilling, one can access all the necessary info on our dashboard.

Polygon Galaxy showcase

How it's made

using ReactJs, graphql's API, tailwind CSS, appwrite, nodeJS, express. all data is aggregated from pre-deployed subgraphs or by deploying new required subgraphs. we had a crucial decision to be taken between using Tailwind CSS or pre-made react template. .