This project started as a dApp with the goal to connect a neighborhood, creating a place where good deeds can be rewarded, issues discussed and votes be held; for example on allocating budget for a new public garden area and rewarding a neighbor for watching your kids. As this is a large governance project, I quickly started focusing on a single common aspect: e-voting. My goal was to create the tools for a future neighborhood dApp as well as others, that leverage modern concepts of democracy, such as liquid democracy. Through secret contracts on the secret network not only can the security targets be met easily, but everything can be done in a trust-less and decentralized way. My e-voting solution allows for limited timeframes, individual and universal verifiability, as well as vote delegation. This means that a vote can be transferred freely to anyone else. Of course this delegate can also decide to delegate his potentially multiple votes further. The final contract can be easily adapted to suit one's needs, and offers a wide variety of other features, such as limited timeframes and hidden intermediary results.

Quartier showcase

How it's made

This project uses Secret contracts on the Secret Network in order to guarantee the main security guarantees. Allowing for votes to be transferred to different addresses was the hardest part, as many corner cases exists. Some optimization was also necessary to limit the amount of writes and reads on the chain, and thus keeping fees down.

Technologies used

Secret Network