One of the great things about holidays is to ease off your mind and enjoy your deserved free time without having to think about mundane practicalities. Sometimes, it is good to just pick a location and stay as much as you like without having to arrange everything beforehand. That's why we have created Rentify. A decentralised platform that allows you to rent a property in a fluid way as we say, without any time limits just pay as you go on an hourly basis. The tenant can then enjoy a hassle-free rental experience while the landlord is paid continuously and is protected against accidental damage by a security deposit stored on the contract. By investing the security deposit, Rentify can be financially self sustainable without having to rely on fees, thus making the whole platform completely free of charge to its users.

Rentify showcase

How it's made

To bring Rentify to life we integrated the following awesome projects: - SuperFluid - Torus - Aave - IPFS And a sprinkle of ReactJs In particular, SuperFluid allows us to create dynamic cashflows, Torus acts as the main user wallet also providing email and username data, security deposits are invested into Aave's lending pools to generate interests to keep the app alive (and free!) while the data and images are stored on IPFS.

Technologies used