Scaffold Reach UI is using the Reach dApp programming language to create the contracts and React to drive the UI. Reach uses a new approach to dApp development with a contract and UI interaction from the start. This example show's someone new to Reach how to create a dApp and with all the plumbing to deploy to your webserver.

Scaffold Reach UI showcase

How it's made

It uses the Reach dApp programming language for the smart contract, a domain-specific language for building decentralized applications, and ETH core also Algorand blockchains. The main point of the entry is to demystify dApp development and make the barrier of entry for NEW developers easier and painless by using the same tool throughout the entire dApp development process. The whole point of Scaffold Reach UI is to introduce dApp development to a new group of dApp developers not already familiar with ETH tooling also seasoned ETH developers looking for a new alternative for their current and future ETH2 projects.

Technologies used