TaDa allows you to gain exposure to YouTube creators. If you ever thought a creator you discovered has the potential to become more popular in the future, TaDa gives you a way to gain on the creator's rise. When a user authenticates their account, their burner wallet is preloaded with 50 Shills (platform native token), which they can use to purchase the tokens of other creators. The value proposition TaDa offers is that if in the future a creator becomes more popular, more users will purchase their tokens, leading to a price increase. This allows early token holders to gain on the upside from a creators growth.

TaDa! showcase

How it's made

The main challenge with building a dapp for a mainstream audience is that onboarding friction can be too high. With TaDa we tried to make the entire onboarding process as simple as possible. TaDa is built on Kovan Optimism to offer users free tokens on signup as well as gasless transactions. We also create a burner wallet on page load so users can interact without needing to install Metamask. To control supply and ultimately the price of each creator token we opted for a price bonded curve. This way price determination could be kept completely on chain.

Technologies used