We are building a decentralized volatility protocol on optimism. It automatically pegs volatility value as it interacts with traders and other contracts. It calculates realized volatility from Uniswap and tokenizes the volatility value. Volatility Protocol allows traders to trade 30 day realized Volatility tokens of all the uni swap pairs on v2! In the future when uni swap v3 goes live we would switch to v3 pairs

Vol Protocol showcase

How it's made

We initially fetch historical prices of ETH for 30 days from Uniswap and then deploy our contract with the first volatility value, pair address, token A address, token B address, and name of the token (ETH30VOL for wethdai 30 day volatility). We wrote this contract in a way that everybody can send a transaction to update the volatility without maliciously controlling the value. The contract is deployed to Optimism.

Technologies used

OptimismThe GraphUniswap