betSmart : a better can bet an amount on 3 possibles outcomes (Team1 wins, Team2 wins or a draw(no winner = tie ). All the amounts bet on Team1 will be added to Pool1 and same for Pool2 (amounts bet on Team2 by all the betters) and same for the draw. If you loose a bet, you will get rewards on the pool depending on your stake and the size of the pool. So no one will loose all his money. It's a new concept of betting with PoolBets.

betsmart  showcase

How it's made

To use this project we have built it using Remix(to test our code and have a more clear display) , so with @solidity. We also used node.js and javascript to code the new Pool we have chosen using the documentation in UniswapV3 SDK : The instructions are in Typescript so we have used then in javascript. We also used Skynet, Gnosis documentation, and UI design