Uniswap V3 brought together an innovative concept of concentrated liquidity pools and the decentralised exchanges experience. However, this is inherently a product that is not easily understood and used by conventional DeFi ecosystem participants (e.g. not power users). Rebalancers such as Visor are helping to bridge skills/understanding gap for this segment and are unlocking improved yield opportunities at the same time. The Aggregator tool from Cargo protocol is taking the next step and is helping these users to choose between protocols providing different Uniswap V3 LP management (rebalancer) strategies. It summarises key metrics such as APR, APY, TVL and serves them up in a consistent interface, dependent on the LP tokens that the user is holding. Once the choice is made it helps to format the LP tokens from the user into a suitable format for the given specific rebalancer, and deploys them to the selected protocol’s interface. This solves multiple pain points for players in this segment: analysis and broad overview of available strategies becomes available on-demand, different ways of depositing tokens into various protocols are catered for by Cargo’s own integrations, subsequent management of tokens is also done in one place, Cargo Protocol’s Portfolio screen (review, redistribute, sweep all existing positions into one etc.).

Cargo Protocol showcase

How it's made

We used Solidity for smart contracts developments, together with developer tools such as Hardhat, OpenZeppelin and Typechain. We have used Typescript for both backend and testing. We have implemented our UI using Figma. We planned to use React.js (with Typescript) for the front-end and the graph for data crawling.