- Built with ❤️ by Developers for Developers - Host your DAO dashboard on GitHub pages on your organization - Run a Github App on any project leader's or organization's servers (GitHub and Dev Treasury keys are held here, so keep secure) - Allow your token holders to approve and that way prioritize your GitHub issues by just making a MetaMask signature - Use the same GitHub workflow that you are already familiar to assign issues to developers and attribute weights (labels) - Dev Treasury smart-contract (on any EVM network) will hold the treasury funds and lock a slice for the issue assignee when work starts based on issue weight - When an issue is closed successfully, the respective funds are unlocked and sent to the assignee wallet address in his profile - At project launch, you can enable transfers for your token, setup a UniSwap Liquidity Pool and change approval to LP weight, to incentivize liquidity building - DAO Governance made simple and effective

gitvern showcase

How it's made

- Smart-contracts for DAO tokens and treasury token distribution by project contributors that can be deployed to any EVM based blockchain - GitHub App that communicates with GitHub Project and sends transaction to blockchain to perform actions on the smart-contracts - A simple UI for the DAO to accept the governance participations by LP token holders - A central repository on GitHub for all DAO configurations where a simple commit/PR can change parameters, i.e. the payout levels for work - Please check the docs repository for more details