This project is a simple nft marketplace, one of creator's art is separated into 6 different parts, and our project allows buyer to mint the token by themselves, they only need to pay for the gas fee and small amount of price to have one of the 6 parts of the painting, to collect the whole painting, they need to mint all 6 tokens in order to have a complete collection. we deployed our erc1155 on kovan optimism and host the front end on skynet; we also deployed another erc1155 contract on rinkeby testnet and point the hosted frontend to ens. kovan optimism deployed contract repo: kovan optimism contract address: 0xc84Cbb1CB2fD1a3100F0bdb0c2fF4d6472Fc2553 frontend repo: ens: http://oversized.eth/ skynet:

hacking NFT showcase

How it's made

this project frontend is built with react and hosted on skynet; and the token contract is based on erc1155 token protocol, and it's tested on rinkeby testnet and deployed kovan optimism. The frontend is deployed on skynet and hosted on ens. therefore, our marketplace is fully decentralized!