The goal of this project was to tools for defi users to create advanced strategies of interacting with DeFi protocols. In many instances, interacting with a DeFi protocol from a standard address provides limitations. Some advanced strategies can only be done by smart contracts. Our project creates a custom smart contract that is owned by the trader, and the trader to use the contract as a proxy for implementing preprogrammed trading strategies, such as recursively leveraging a debt position on Aave. While we were unable to realize our full vision during this hackathon, our prototype serves as a proof of concept of a user-owned smart contract and it's interface. Once the contract is deployed and an admin (the user) is set, the user can deposit and withdraw erc20 tokens from the smart contract. The user can also call functions which swaps tokens within the smart contract.

Project Wumbo showcase

How it's made

This project was built using React as the frontend, a local json server as a temporary database (which in the future can easily be turned into an api-accessible database), and Brownie as the smart contract deployment platform and testing platform, with Ganache as our local blockchain server.