constructing decisional uniswap flow trees as to the decisions with capital and liquidity being made through time. can map to DAO members to monitor trust in graphical flows. 78 tarot cards can be applied as a type of antiquity filter on resources can be performed over ritual periodic timelines beginning from a seed group of individuals as trials for capital efficiency on risk profiles and metaverse journeying with either public L2 optimism or private Aztec transitions while capital can be hidden, decisions against tarot NFTs not. due to the fact that aztec allows for any ERC20, the pools provided for can become cybernetic magnetic feedback loops constructing live player roles.

reed showcase

How it's made

The project uses a react front end, various other libraries, and aztec shielded transactions to perform private uniswap transactions. The project also uses Optimism L2 transactions to perform swaps with uniswap as an additional option, and uses textile to store snapshots with the use of storage-js on polygon.