Playing a game allows for a better UX for the end user to participate in the Defi ecosystem and game incentives makes it interesting for a wider variety of audience to participate in Liquidity Mining events for example by making use of Uniswap's Staking contract. We extended the Uniswap's Merkle Distributor contract so that a single contract can be used for multiple epochs or snapshots and this further ensures fairness as the scores of each epoch are provable verifiable on chain. We managed to develop a simple game and integrated web3 into an existing game development toolkit.

Skyfire DAO - GameFi Kit for UNI LM events showcase

How it's made

We utilize Gamemaker Studio and Uniswap's Merkle Distribution to distribute tokens for different snapshots as per the rewards in the LM program. All game sprites and graphics were created during the hackathon itself. The Uniswap Merkle distribution contract was also integrated and modified.