ETH is very volatile. Swapping ETH to any stable ERC20 tokens and sending them to multiple addresses is not good for user experience, lots of clicking and confirming, and it can be costly because of transaction fee. Stable Coins Converter allows user to swap ETH to DAI and sending DAI to multiple addresses in one transaction. User will only need to click and confirm the transaction once and save transaction fee. In the future, I will add more options of other ERC20 tokens that the user can choose from to swap with. I will add a feature where user can set the amount of converted ERC20 tokens to send for each addresses.

Stable Coins Converter showcase

How it's made

I used Uniswap v3 ISwapRouter to swap ETH and DAI. I used Uniswap v3 IQuoter to get estimated ETH for DAI. DAI are send from the contract to multiple addresses using openzeppelin IERC20. I built the front end with react and use semantic-ui for styling. I deploy my front end Dapp on Skynet and Homescreen. I add HNS decentralized domain name for the Dapp. I deploy my contract on Kovan Testnet.