Liquidity pool explorers exist, but are often not approachable for new users. Uniramp creates a new interface based on the uniswap and visor graphql API's for discovering and onboarding new users into the Uniswap ecosystem. Uniramp has a suite of tools to understand risk, find whitelisted liquidity pools for given trading pairs, initiate swaps, and learn core concepts with web3 authentication built-in. See github for full description and tooling used:

Uniramp showcase

How it's made

Consult both the uniswap and visor finance graph API's to build an onboarding application for Uniswap. This app is fully functional as is and relies on some of the existing tooling created by Uniswap (rather than recreating the wheel) to onboard new users into the LP ecosystem. Scaffold-eth is also used to provide authentication and can be expanded to issue things like rewards and incentives for interacting with pools and learning the content.