Uniswap Primer is a guide to basic terminology and concepts of cryptocurrency as demonstrated by functionality of the Uniswap API. I built this Primer to help myself learn about Uniswap and so it is meant for people who are either brand new to cryptocurrency or who want to get a basic understanding of the Uniswap API. In the future, I'd like to extend the Primer to continue going deeper in Uniswap and also expand the Primer to cover other related topics.

Uniswap API Explorer showcase

How it's made

The Uniswap Primer is a standalone Javascript application. It uses the Uniswap v2 Polywrap wrapper to make API requests to Uniswap. I found Polywrap to be an easy and accessible way to call the Uniswap API. The Uniswap Primer is also deployed to Skynet and it is available as a Homescreen app. Using Skynet was a really great way to distribute the app without worrying about hosting.