Playing with OmniAnalytics Uniswapper R library to see if it works nicely with KnitR


Installed the OmniAnalytics package and used it inside R-markdown document thanks to KnitR. If someone was to put more effort into this, I guess it could lead to interesting report but I wasn't really motivated enough to dig deeper. Omni analytics R package itself is quite cool though!

UniSwapooor showcase

How it's made

With great care forged in the fires of R and KnitR. I guess it could be more interesting if I deployed it onto Skynet or did something fancy with it in the end. Install KnitR, Install OmniSwap, bam, done nice and easy. Now that I think of this in retrospect it could be more interesting to put this inside Jupyter notebook to see if R and Python Uniswap libraries can play nicely together.