Web3 Jam 2021

Focused on decentralized media, Web3, and NFTs.

Nov 12 2021 - Nov 24 2021
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BraineumEarthWeb3 Jam 2021
Building out the realverse, the real world, within BraineumVerse.
TweEtherWeb3 Jam 2021
Decentralized Twitter-like feeds for the Eth network via IPFS
Decentralized Roulette
Decentralized RouletteWeb3 Jam 2021
A decentralized roulette game that anyone can be the “casino” and allow pla...
NFTransitWeb3 Jam 2021
A web2.0 interface for all games to enable web3.0 token integrations the ri...
 DBeats (Decentralized Beats)
DBeats (Decentralized Beats)Web3 Jam 2021
DBeats: A Decentralized social media and NFT marketplace for music artists ...
BackerWeb3 Jam 2021
Backer is a Patreon for Web3. Build a community of backers. Streaming cryp...
CoinTrackWeb3 Jam 2021
Cointrack analyzes the transaction history of a wallet and compares it wit...
AgoraWeb3 Jam 2021
A global platform for film creators to showcase their work and fundraise to...
dyFactorWeb3 Jam 2021
Generate your wallet's score based on your past activities, and access adva...
MosaicDAOWeb3 Jam 2021
MosaicDAO is an experimental take on collaborative art curation. Through ow...
CompoundNChillWeb3 Jam 2021
Contingent convertibles (CoCo) powered yield aggregator using protocol owne...
equatoriousWeb3 Jam 2021
A simple dapp to manage ownership of offchain assets. It allows users to ...
ShinyStationsWeb3 Jam 2021
Shiny Stations if a Space Stations in the Metaverse where everyone is welco...
Huddle01Web3 Jam 2021
Huddle01 is a web3-powered video conferencing platform with focus on pseudo...
CommitMintWeb3 Jam 2021
Smart contracts for relationships built with love on ethereum for the web3j...
Idea Market
Idea MarketWeb3 Jam 2021
A decentralized collaboration network to Ideate - Build - Fund any idea.
DynamicNFTsWeb3 Jam 2021
Dynamic NFTs is a code-pattern & tooling that enables web3 creators to have...
DecentralGoWeb3 Jam 2021
Game records of Go/Baduk/Weiqi stored on IPFS+ERC721 called Kifu
POPPWeb3 Jam 2021
POPP unifies rewards and loyalty programs on the Blockchain.
OmnivisionWeb3 Jam 2021
Decentralized video streams to create a 3D model of the battlefield.
CliNFTsWeb3 Jam 2021
CliNFTs is a platform for pharma and biotech to mint NFTs for clinical tria...
Morph Labs
Morph LabsWeb3 Jam 2021
Pixly, a pixel editor to mint pixel art directly on-chain (no off-chain met...
AirWeb3Web3 Jam 2021
Crypto version of Airbnb with tokenized rewards. NFTs will be used as rewa...
Risk Oracle
Risk OracleWeb3 Jam 2021
Risk Oracle - Oracle Smart Contract to retrieve Risk Metrics
DliveWeb3 Jam 2021
Decentralized video and live streaming platform powered by IPFS and NFT
SnapNFTWeb3 Jam 2021
An easy way to use NFTs to represent sellable items outside of art
OOWeb3 Jam 2021
Dynamic NFTs for music Artists. The new monetization channel in the music i...
Inter Planetary News
Inter Planetary NewsWeb3 Jam 2021
Truly distributed news application using conent distribution of IPFS
Street art as public good. CRYPTOMURALS is a platform who allows people to ...
NFTIZWeb3 Jam 2021
NFTIZ is a Figma plugin that allows designers to mine their work directly f...
XAUCEWeb3 Jam 2021
Sauce for your web3 dapp to flavor your own creation to be stored on chain ...
#IdeasFireRocketsWeb3 Jam 2021
Build a simple NFT artistic loop that takes IPFS stored artwork from concep...
Decentralized Library
Decentralized LibraryWeb3 Jam 2021
A Fun way to Learn and Earn from a decentralized library system.
The Museum of NFT Art
The Museum of NFT ArtWeb3 Jam 2021
On MoNA, everyone is an Artist. The Museum of NFT Art is an art platform w...
mythOSWeb3 Jam 2021
An investigate into vortex math circuits, finding rhythm with practitioners...
MashAppWeb3 Jam 2021
Listen, change, share music in one App, where no one will restrict you. Ma...
HomeChainWeb3 Jam 2021
Issue collectible and fundraise-focused NFTs against your real estate prope...
Survey DAPP
Survey DAPPWeb3 Jam 2021
Dapp using which users can fill up surveys as well as get their surveys fil...
SomeMusixWeb3 Jam 2021
nft music player that store audio on the IPFS using moralis sdk.
NFTHourWeb3 Jam 2021
We're building NFTHour - an NFT happy hour. The site lets you mint drinks e...
RobustaWeb3 Jam 2021
Create the protocol to buy and sell the options in Uniswap v3, using Gelato...
3FeedWeb3 Jam 2021
Decentralized paid newsletter, based off RSS and other decentralized feed ...
PhotureWeb3 Jam 2021
Social Marketplace that allows you to share photos and videos in a collabor...
NFT Cat Passport
NFT Cat PassportWeb3 Jam 2021
NFT Cat Passport it’s a platform that allows you to save important document...
LegalNFTWeb3 Jam 2021
Encapsulate legal agreements into NFCs to create auctionable and tradable a...
SafeView- IPFS Content moderation
SafeView- IPFS Content moderationWeb3 Jam 2021
Allows sites to add instant content moderation for IPFS links(cid)
WorkInProgressWeb3 Jam 2021
Wasn't able to finish shipping. Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete the...
AutomamintWeb3 Jam 2021
Automamint :: Simple automatic mint NFT All-in-all Solution.
Deputy DAO
Deputy DAOWeb3 Jam 2021
Don't get scammed! Deputy DAO will help keep you safe from scammers. Keep a...
KeebColabWeb3 Jam 2021
NFTs that bring people together, that tell a story, your story, my story, o...
MetaXWeb3 Jam 2021
An Nft media streaming platform and market place for live streaming content...
ENS.me - Visualise your ENS
ENS.me - Visualise your ENSWeb3 Jam 2021
Generates dynamic profiles for a user's ENS domain; also allowing the owner...
SytimeWeb3 Jam 2021
Sytime is p2p chat Dapp which is built on IPFS pubsub, Web3.Storage and Cer...
MyAvatarWeb3 Jam 2021
A fundamental web3 protocol that provides PFP NFTs utilization with ownersh...
PlotteryWeb3 Jam 2021
Perpetual decentralized lottery for any DAO to raise money selling/airdropp...
NFTPort Dart Client
NFTPort Dart ClientWeb3 Jam 2021
An package implementation of the NFTPort REST Api in Dart that allows exist...
Web3 Images
Web3 ImagesWeb3 Jam 2021
A simple API to populate NFT and eth address profile pictures.
MomentapeWeb3 Jam 2021
We want to build a NFT marketplace for content creators (Youtubers, Instagr...
Project Vinland
Project VinlandWeb3 Jam 2021
A metaverse to onboard next wave of users into crypto and DeFi
hideServWeb3 Jam 2021
The MintHunt:hideServ allows you to hide your most valuable treasures in th...
Seashells | 10b57e6  fa5h10N
Seashells | 10b57e6 fa5h10N Web3 Jam 2021
Seashells is NFT visualiser built in Unity3D which showcases uses of IPFS a...
MarchantWeb3 Jam 2021
Decentralized Generative Art Contest. Generate art, put it up to vote and w...
KuriousWeb3 Jam 2021
Gated Newsletter Service with full ownership of the content stored in IPFS ...
NeurArtWeb3 Jam 2021
A Telegram bot for AI creation & auto-listing of NFTs on OpenSea
NFT Lander
NFT LanderWeb3 Jam 2021
NFT Lander is new way of NFT trading and collecting satble NFT.
Pass the Parcel
Pass the ParcelWeb3 Jam 2021
Pass the Parcel is a gaming app where users can multiply their bets by risk...
ytdl-ipfs-archiverWeb3 Jam 2021
Mirrors downloads from youtube-dl to ipfs if not already, and saves to a lo...
BoötesWeb3 Jam 2021
Transparent and simple bounty board with dashboarding and payment integrati...
Web3 Jam Test Project
Web3 Jam Test ProjectWeb3 Jam 2021
--003this is test data for the ETHGlobal Team, please ignore ---- this is t...
De-AMA (Ask me anything)
De-AMA (Ask me anything)Web3 Jam 2021
Easy way to organiza AMA using web3, De-AMA, Ask me anything platform with ...
Bull Bear Whale
Bull Bear WhaleWeb3 Jam 2021
Bull Bear Whale creates NFTs based on a tokens past performance in the last...
IDMChatWeb3 Jam 2021
A chat app allowing users to easily send, cheap censorship resistant messag...
CarbonizedWeb3 Jam 2021
Carbonized NFTs are digital art that has been infused with tokenized carbon...
Signature Collectable
Signature CollectableWeb3 Jam 2021
A dapp where user can collect signatures and store them on IPFS
Web3 Agreements
Web3 AgreementsWeb3 Jam 2021
A tool for making decentralized trustless work agreements, that locks the m...
Interplanetary Invoice
Interplanetary InvoiceWeb3 Jam 2021
Decentralised Invoice Publisher & Payment App for freelancer & by freelance...
Yogi NFT
Yogi NFTWeb3 Jam 2021
Yogi NFTs is the platform which can be leveraged to produce NFTs that are a...
CREAWeb3 Jam 2021
A decentralized application to allow communities to contribute to immutable...
Pranah-Web3Web3 Jam 2021
We want to solve a problem and fulfill a desire: solve the problem of conne...
DynaChessWeb3 Jam 2021
Fluent Chess Dynamic NFT metadata updated every time a player makes a chess...
Derivative Sessions - NFT Streaming Royalties
Derivative Sessions - NFT Streaming Royalties Web3 Jam 2021
Derivative Sessions - NFT Streaming Royalties is a contract for keeping tra...
Youtube-download To IPFS
Youtube-download To IPFSWeb3 Jam 2021
Add a wrapper around youtube-dl/yt-dip so that you can preserve and share v...
UnifolioWeb3 Jam 2021
Unifolio lets you view all the coins you own across all your wallets.
Space Art
Space ArtWeb3 Jam 2021
Space Art is marketplace and community where you can buy , sell and create ...
Lorem Computer
Lorem ComputerWeb3 Jam 2021
Create web mementos that live forever with IPFS and Filecoin. Runs on Lorem...
LoopWeb3 Jam 2021
A platform where people can support their favourite creators. To support cr...
PortalsWeb3 Jam 2021
We are building a platform to enable creators to monetize through token-gat...
DeCloudWeb3 Jam 2021
A decentralised cloud storage built on top of web3 technologies
Token Gated Livestream
Token Gated LivestreamWeb3 Jam 2021
An application for gating livestreams to be exclusively accessed by people ...
ToriysNFTWeb3 Jam 2021
Randomly generated NFTs, pixelated avatars in the style of Akira Toriyama
Player-2-PlayerWeb3 Jam 2021
We are building a bartering system on chain where players can trade bundles...
Equitable Equity
Equitable EquityWeb3 Jam 2021
Our goal is to properly reward builders for their contributions to a projec...
Hagoun Run
Hagoun RunWeb3 Jam 2021
An infinite runner game made in unity where you can use your NFTs which are...
Transdimensional Inventory Service
Transdimensional Inventory ServiceWeb3 Jam 2021
Transdimensional Inventory Service (TIS) aims to bridge the gap between Web...
ProseWeb3 Jam 2021
Prose is a NFT writing dapp for quickly jotting down thoughts and submittin...
FileDrive Datasets
FileDrive DatasetsWeb3 Jam 2021
FileDrive Datasets is a platform to effectively connect the huge storage ma...
NFT Camera
NFT CameraWeb3 Jam 2021
NFT Camera is an invite only camera app that allows you to make NFT collect...
FirenzeWeb3 Jam 2021
A market for commissioned NFT art using money stream payments
nft-minterWeb3 Jam 2021
A dapp that allows users to stream video and create an nft of the recording...
DeFestWeb3 Jam 2021
Provide NFT rewards at events, basically gamification of them
BossaWeb3 Jam 2021
Bossa invoices done differently and in a m ore exciting DeFi way
DiamondLabWeb3 Jam 2021
A social media app where users can post create & trade NFTs, subscribe to u...
Customizeable NFTs
Customizeable NFTsWeb3 Jam 2021
This project brings customizability to any NFT project. I make use of IPNS ...
braidWeb3 Jam 2021
Archive science papers on IPFS , search for them, comment and collaborate