Create an NFT artistic loop that is easy and profitable for artists to follow for utilizing the benefits of Web3.0 and IPFS storage. This includes a 'Launch Loop' where artists go from forming an artist vision, collector development, design a scalable/repeatable revenue model, design (Ex: branding, UX/UI design, marketing), legal/IP, and go-to-market. Finally, a repeatable artistic loop is established taking artists from concept, creation, launch, learn, and repeat. The end result is full artistic freedom, NFT royalties, and art everywhere (even in space).

#IdeasFireRockets showcase

How it's made

This project used the Adobe Creative Suite for branding, editing photography and video. ENS was used to secure the domain IdeasFireRockets.eth, Go Daddy to secure, and Unstoppable Domains (ideasfirerockets.wallet, ideasfirerockets.nft, ideasfirerockets.crypto). Social media accounts were secured for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. Heirlume was used to file trade marks. Weblow for web design and fleek for building on the open web. OPENSEA was used for minting NFTs and their permanent "freeze metadata" integration with Filecoin for enabling IPFS.