Bossa is a Web3 Enabled way to pay invoices at a discount. It enables businesses to pay early at a lower cost and let the market fill the difference, at no cost to the invoice holder. For the invoice holder they get to see their payments early saving on the costs of chasing late invoices. In short Bossa turns invoice payment on it's head as now service users are incentivised to pay their invoices further in advance as this means greater discounts without involving service providers.

Bossa showcase

How it's made

The project uses IPFS to store the record of the invoice, this is done in the UI which uploads the file and returns a CID which is used to reference the invoice at all stages of the lifecycle. Aave is used as the liquidity pool for Bossa where all funds are hosted for the duration of their maturity. Checks are made using the Protocol Data Provider architecture to determine how much interest has been accrued by the pouch. Gelato is used to automate the pouch checking process. It calls the checkPouches() function on Bossa which inspects each pouch to determine whether the pouch is ready for liquidation. If it is the same automated operation will liquidate the pouch and update it's status notifying both the recipient and the holder.