This project is a continuation of BraineumVerse, a project I started during the Scaling Ethereum Hackathon. In this hack, I focused more on the idea of using images as NFTs and then using these NFTs as real world assets. Identity, streams, home address, stores are some of the NFT entities. While I didn't actually create the NFT tokens on the blockchain the files were uploaded to IPFS and the hash along with the corresponding images were displayed.

BraineumEarth showcase

How it's made

This project is built using react and nodejs. I wanted to use Livepeer but ran out of time. Basically, the web client talks to the backend for most of the images it displays. The frontend also talks to an IPFS server for storing and retrieving files. Because of time issues I didn't include an actual blockchain to save the IPFS CIDs in an NFT token.