The decentralized Library is a project born to help increase knowledge. Students are no longer using the library as it used to be in the past. This project incentivizes students to read books and watch videos from their discipline. This implementation is a use case of NFT (ERC721) in solving educational needs. As we know that Education is one of the Millennium Development Goals, This project seeks to help students or users learn through e-books, video books, and Live streaming learning. IPFS was used to store contents for the decentralized Library (pdf files for ebook and mp4 for video books), Livepeer was integrated for streaming live lectures and tutorials, NFTPorts was used to mint customized DLIB NFT to students who perform excellently well. Ceramic was used to give users a decentralized identity.

Decentralized Library showcase

How it's made

The front-end was built with Next.js, the various dependency files were installed and the menu designed. The smart contract for the NFT was written and tested, the contract to control the display of books in the library was also written and tested. Hardhat was used for scripting and testing. The whole project was integrated together to work with the front-end.