Quite simple, our tool helps to storing and sharing text, pdf and files, similar to other Web2 tools you have used but now, decentralised! Existing tools stores their data in a centralised database which can be taken down anytime. Using DeCloud, your data is stored securely on decentralised IPFS network. It is built for virality and growth through community better than similar traditional consumer apps because we plan to issue a governance token. Who is it for? DeCloud is the ideal tool for people who are stuck using Web2 because of the inconvenience and inertia of switching.

DeCloud showcase

How it's made

- The frontend is made with Next.js and contracts are integrated with ethers.js and hardhat. - The smart contracts are made in Solidity using Open Zeppelin security. - User profiles are created by ceramic 3id-connect (DID) , data stored on IPFS - I am using IPFS/Filecoin to store user files