Overview + long term vision: Derivative Sessions is a music streaming platform that can be rewarding to both creators and fans who use the dApp. Creators can upload their music to IPFS and through our frontend fans will be able to stream their favorite Derivative Sessions music. Creators will gain streaming “Derivative Tokens” every time one of their songs or artwork is clicked on by a fan. Fans who stream the content will also be rewarded for their time spent enjoying the library of material. More Derivative “musicians” can be minted when the community agrees on a qualified musical candidate to be apart of the Derivative artist library. All Derivative musicians, in real life, are represented by their NFTs on the platform. an audio sample library for music creators to use open source audio samples for their music.

Derivative Sessions - NFT Streaming Royalties  showcase

How it's made

Technologies we used: NFT Storage Uploading Derivative Sessions content to IPFS REMIX Ethereum IDE Writing our Solidity code Ganache & MetaMask Running a local blockchain node for testnet purposes Frontend React.js HTML (Localhost 8000) Remix for the solidity code and java react for the frontend.