The idea behind this project is to allow users to connect their wallet to our platform (via Metamask or wallet connect for example) and calculate a personalized score based on past wallet activity. Then users can mint an NFT score allowing them to access benefits on different services. Dyfactor also allows protocols to easily integrate their NFT score button via a code available directly on the platform so that users can use their score on any protocol.

dyFactor showcase

How it's made

The project uses Next.js for the front. To fetch the data, compute the score and deal with the NFTs we use 2 different JS scripts. We use APIs from Covalent to obtain data about the user address. We also use an API from AAVE in order to know if a user has ever voted in Aave governance. Moreover we used a NFTPort API to deploy a NFT smart-contract and mint NFTs. All the metadatas are also uploaded on IPFS using others NFTPort APIs.