Currently equity on projects is generally decided up front, based on the expectations of what people are likely to contribute (in addition to what they have already contributed). We aim to create a system were equity is dynamic, it changes with the completion of EVERY task that provides value to the project. To accomplish this, we will create an interface that allows any project team/governing board to easily define how much equity tasks are worth and when the equity might vest (and any other parameters that make sense). We will create smart contracts to exchange this equity once the task has been submitted and approved by the governing board.

Equitable Equity showcase

How it's made

We used meta mask for users to "sign in" so we can know where to send equity. We used hard hat to test the development of our smart contracts. We created a smart contract for our DAO which handles the creation of new projects on our platforms. We created an ERC-1155 token to represent each project created on our platform in order to distribute equity for our given tasks.We used Fleek do deploy our app on IPFS.