The game is an infinite runner where you can change characters by owning different character NFTs. You can make the game more fun by using Powerups (like stop time for x amount of seconds, or jumping x amount of meters in the game without dying). We are also having environment NFTs where you can change the map, enemies, obstacles and totally adjust the look and feel of the game.

Hagoun Run showcase

How it's made

The tech stack we have used is react, unity webgl, nftport and web3. We are doing all the logic and calls in react and with react-unity-webgl package we are sending the data over to unity to be able to see the data we have gotten back from our wallet. We do know and understand this is prune to hacking and spoofing, however for the hackathon this was good enough for now. Ideally we would want to have a backend and /or do the logic in unity. We also used NFTport to deploy our contract and mint on polygon.