The MintHunt:hideServ allows you to hide your most valuable treasures in the MintHunt world. is a mobile platform where you can hunt for NFTs and Tokens in the real world. The hideServ service will allow project owners to hide a part of their supply of NFTs or tokens in the MintHunt metaverse. Your tokens might end up in a treasure NFT of standing somewhere on their own. The hideServ service will be part of the MintHunt Vault. When the Vault receives a new token, hideServ will automatically pick it up and hide it somewhere in the world. It could be possible for the sender to specify a country where they want their tokens to be hidden. The idea is that by hiding some of your supply of tokens in the MintHunt world, your project tokens will become more valuable since no one will be able to just buy them on the market, they will have to find them just like you would find a real treasure. Some tokens might be lost for ever on the top of a mountain or in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, but don't worry most of them will end up right across the street.

hideServ showcase

How it's made

The project will have a set of contracts (or just one contract) to emit an event when new tokens are received. It should have a NodeJS service listening to the event and then do some logic to hide the treasure in the game. The treasure will end up in the MintHunt database. The data for the treasures gets saved on IPFS