There's been talk to use blockchain to enable rapid transactions, partial sales, and better auditing of real estate, but in practice this can be difficult. One of the biggest problems is transferring and representing ownership of real estate is ensuring governance HomeChain does get us one step closer to facilitating some notion of ownership transfer. - Users can create terms to allow others to deposit to it. - Use react signature canvas to collect the user signature (checking against the deed) and uploading as an image file to the IPFS folder for the property. - After being uploaded, prospective buyers/participants (up to the limit specified by the issuer) can discover those listings and purchase units of ownership using attachment the NFT as a source of truth. - Property NFT's uploaded can either be ownership-oriented or simply collectible (i.e. could be used in the case of a celebrity or notable location).

HomeChain showcase

How it's made

* Filecoin for property signature and proof of ownership (document) storage. * React for file upload and signature collection * Ceramic streams for noSQL store of the property, links to the NFT. * NFTport for NFT generation against the same entity. * Covalent for doing in-app lookups of address history around an owner or property listing.