Kurious is a gated newsletter service where creators can gain the full ownership of the content they create. This content can be written content (newsletters), pre recorded video content, live streams and photos. The creators will get 90% of the revenue their content generates. The other 10% of revenue generated from a creators content will be collected by the protocols treasury which will be used for the improvement of the platform. These percentages can be changed by vote of the community DAO. A user can pay for subscriptions to recurring content or one off pieces of content that a creator publishes. The Kurious allows users to gain direct access to all types of content from the creators they love in a peer to peer fashion. Cutting out the middleman and allowing equal distributions of value between creators and their fans.

Kurious showcase

How it's made

React front end allows to create the Newsletter content as an NFT and stores it in IPFS using NFT.Storage. The Digital ID of the Content creators with their bio is stored in Ceramics. When the Content is created, it is is in Locked using Unlock protocol. If users can subscribe to a particular Content they pay for the content and the Content is released for that particular user. The payment is done using Superfluid and right now, it not integrated with the workflow. In future, we would maintain all the subscriptions in a Smart Contract to allow provide and remove locks from the content. We want to expand the content to video, audio streaming contents as well.